Who are you? What are you working on?

Hi everyone :wave: - I’d love to find out more about everyone here.

Please introduce yourself and tell us all a little bit about why you’re here and what you’re working on. Are you looking to start a new business? Or have you already created one?

I’m Calum, based in London.

I’ve had massive LAUNCH FEAR all my life, so I started 1 Product a Week to force myself to tackle this head on. I’m working full time on it, and I’ll keep creating products (in a week) until something sticks.

Hey Calum - Michael here. I live in San Francisco and work at Adobe on the PM team for a new video editing app called Premiere Rush. I’ve been at Adobe for about a year, and see myself there for a while longer. But soon enough I’ll be quitting and plan to launch a similar project to 1 product a week with the plan of becoming more technical to build my own business.

Keep up the awesome work!